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paul faecks

Reading List

The Book of MEV by Messari

This is an excellent overview of the current state of MEV by Messari. While the full-length article is behind a paywall, Tom Dunleavy summarized some of the main points in a Twitter thread here.


A Beginner’s Guide to Ethereum Censorship

Trying to understand the concerns around Ethereum centralization requires some technical knowledge, and the sea of crypto jargon is impossibly difficult to wade through. This article is an attempt to demystify all the censorship concerns on Ethereum in past months, and distill them into easily understandable terms for any crypto citizen.

Ethereum staking rewards rise with leveraged stakers seeing 11% APR

Staking rewards for ether and for ether-backed liquid staking derivatives have shot up in recent weeks. This has been due to an increase in maximal extractable value (MEV) and other activity on the network. 

Relevant News
Crypto Exchange Binance Confirms $500M Investment in Musk's Twitter Takeover

With Musk taking over Twitter, crypto exchange Binance confirmed that it’s an equity investor in the billionaire’s $44 billion acquisition. 

Institutions Are Still Bullish on Crypto: Fidelity Survey

The investment giant says 74% of institutional investors plan to buy crypto in the future. 

Revolut to add crypto payment feature starting next month

Neobank Revolut will allow customers to use crypto to make everyday payments with their cards. The company will temporarily offer UK customers 1% cash back on those purchasers. 

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