Pioneering Investment Technology for Digital Assets.


The Investment Management System for Digital Assets

One Powerful Tool,
One View

Alloy combines portfolio management, CEX/DEX & OTC trading, risk management, investment operations, and permissioned/permissionless DeFi.

Cut Through Complexity, Focus on Returns

 Alloy is constantly evolving to dramatically simplify the process of managing Digital Asset portfolios. We focus on the technology, you focus on returns.

All Counterparties through one Gateway

Alloy connects to and unifies your external custody solutions, trading partners, and settlement networks.

Industry-leading Compliance & Risk Management

Manage risk and compliance seamlessly with powerful risk analytics and our pre-/post trade compliance engine.


“The one place for all institutions.”

“We are excited to be backing Alloy, the infrastructure solution for private investment companies like Zinal Growth to access and manage Digital Asset investments.”
Gauillume Waser
Managing Partner at Zinal Growth

“Flexibility, performance and execution power Alloy offers us”

"After trying out all kinds of solutions for our investment process in digital assets, nothing really compares to the blend of flexibility, performance and execution power Alloy offers us - while not compromising on anything related to regulation or compliance."
Nils Stüben
Founding Partner at Relton Capital

"A consistent, safe, robust, and scalable way, similar to traditional Assets."

"With this partnership, Alloy enables SimCorp’s clients to access the digital asset markets and manage this asset class in a consistent, safe, robust, and scalable way, similar to their traditional assets."
Anders Kirkeby
Head of Open Innovation

“Exactly what institutional investors need for Digital Assets.”

“This is exactly what institutional investors need for Digital Assets. Compliance and transparency through a centralized gateway are absolutely essential. We’re excited to be backing Alloy in solving this.”
Anthony Danon
Partner at Cocoa

“Alloy is what professional investors require.”

"Alloy is what professional investors like myself require to manage their digital assets and interact with Digital Assets in a safe manner"
Philipp Petrescu
Founder at Lendico

“One platform covering everything.”

"After conducting extensive provider research, we turned to Alloy to power our Digital Asset operations. Alloy enables us to operate out of a safe, regulated and transparent platform covering every aspect of the Digital Asset investment process."
Tobias Kupke
Co-Founder of Zodiac Family Office

 The most comprehensive feature set in Digital Assets.

Access to the entire Digital Asset universe: Cryptocurrencies, Derivatives and Perpetuals, Institutional or Permissionless DeFi, Tokenized Assets, and RWA Yield.
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Portfolio Management

Take charge of your portfolio with full Investment Book of Records (IBOR) capabilities, model portfolios, automated rebalancing, and detailed analytics.


Execute across CEX, brokers, OTC Desks, or DeFi AMMs - all in one view. From large volume RFQs to MEV-protected on-chain transactions with private RPC relays.

Risk & Performance

Monitor investment risk VaR, factor analysis, and run crypto-specific stress scenarios. Manage counterparty exposures, protocols, and DeFi-specific risk analytics.

Operations & Compliance

Monitor post-trade processes, reconcile trades, and maintain a full accounting book of records (ABOR). Implement custom pre-and post-trade compliance checks.

Institutional-Grade DeFi 

Institutional Staking, Permissionless DeFi, Tokenized Assets, RWA Yield. It’s all there. Alloy seamlessly integrates into almost any chain, protocol, and asset. Enhanced with bank-level secure KYC sharing, Alloy is able to connect you with institutional platforms in a fraction of the time.

Modular Stack

Fund Management, SMAs, Treasury Management - We address the nuanced requirements of Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, and Treasuries - all out of one modular, adaptable tech stack that can be customized. 

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