We build institutional Investment Technology for Digital Assets for the new digital financial markets.

Our vision

In a few years, almost every institutional investor will have exposure to digital assets and interact with DeFi. We haven’t even seen the beginning of what is yet to come.

The infrastructure for that to happen in a way where it works seamlessly with the existing financial system doesn't exist yet. So we’re building it.

Who is Alloy?

Paul Faecks

adrian pirija

Adrian Pirija

We’re a team of 20+ DeFi pioneers, tech and investment industry experts...
...backed by some of the best investors of their class.

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Alloy is the most comprehensive institutional investment platform in the digital asset space, offering institutional-grade infrastructure and technology for investors to manage their entire digital asset investment lifecycle.

Join digital asset pioneers, investment industry professionals and blockchain engineers to build the Institutional Operating System for Digital Assets.

Alloy is a one-of-a-kind Institutional Operating System for Digital Assets.

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